Guide on getting immigration entry and exit stamp in Leticia (Colombia)

Leticia (Colombia) is a small city located in the middle from Iquitos (Peru) and Manaus (Brasil). It has been an important city to connect travellers going from Peru to Brasil or backwards. There is no road to get here from Bogota, Iquitos or Brasil. You have to take a plane from Bogota to Leticia. From Iquitos, there are boat service (fast boat – slow boat) arriving at Santa Rosa (Peru) or plane. If you want to arrive from Manaus, there are only boat service and plane arriving to Tabatinga.

Getting your Colombian exit stamp in Leticia (Colombia) arriving from Bogota (Colombia) on Plane.

There is only one way to arrive to Leticia from Bogota, by plane. The immigration office is just inside Leticia’s Airport, as soon as you get your bags, you can do your exit from Colombia with your passport.

Getting your Colombian entry stamp in Leticia (Colombia) arriving from Iquitos (Peru) or Tabatinga (Brasil)

Our first recommendation is to do the proper exit from the country you are leaving, Peru or Brasil. As you do the exit, go to the Colombian Immigration office at Leticia’s Aiport with your passport and do the entry to Colombia. Remember, this is 100% free.

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Get to the Colombian Immigration office in Leticia Amazonas.

Leticia’s Immigration office is located on Leticia’s Airport.The only way to get to the airport without any problems is with a taxi. If you go really early or not in flight schedule, you can take a tuk tuk or moto taxi. Remember that they don’t allow this kind of transportation while flight busy hour.

Immigration office working hours are from 8:00 Am till 5:00 Pm.

Get to the immigration office from Santa Rosa (Peru)

You have to take a pek pek or boat ride from Santa Rosa Peru to Leticia and then public transportation to Leticia’s airport.

Get to the immigration office From Tabatinga (Brasil)

Leticia and Tabatinga are connected, you have to take a public ground transportation to Leticia’s airport.


  • There are some people willing to help you, dont get trick because they want money. This procedure does not have any cost, don’t get fool.
  • Have a rain cover or zip bags, just in case if it rains.
  • If it’s too late, don’t worry. You can come the next day and do this procedure.
  • If you do exit stamp in Peru or Brasil, you have less than 24 hr to do an entry stamp in Colombia or Brasil. If you take longer than 24 hour, you will have a 400 USD fine.