Fast Boat from Leticia to Puerto Nariño Travel Guide

Puerto Nariño is a small town 87 km from Leticia Amazonas. This town deserves to be the most beautiful in Colombia because it’s really calm, clean and has plenty of beautiful landscapes. Puerto Nariño is located on the Loretoyacu stream next to several indigenous communities and it is really closed to Tarapoto Lake where you can spot pink and grey dolphins.

Fast Boat or Rapidos to Puerto Nariño

There are 3 official agencies that leave from Leticia Amazonas to Puerto Nariño and stop thru different Colombian or Peruvian communities. Every day they do the route with different schedules but with the same official price.

Speed Boat Hour Schedules

They have 3 different routes:

  • 7:00: AM Leaving from Leticia’s Port
  • 10:00 AM Leaving from Leticia’s Port
  • 1:30 PM Leaving from Leticia’s Port

Speed Boat Prices

The price goes up to $32,000 but if you are going to a different community the price varies.

Booking Reservation

Be aware that these boats don’t stop in any community without any reservation. Offices are located in Leticias Port and you can buy them directly, they do not do reservation and has to be paid in cash.

There are no roads to Puerto Nariño.