Confraternidad Amazónica: The biggest festival in the Colombian Amazon

The city of Leticia, located in the department of Amazonas in Colombia, is a unique and exuberant place. This beautiful city envelops within its beauty a wealth of features and glimpses of the Amazonian cultural feeling, which is represented by the territories of the continent that are bathed by the majestic Amazon River.

The main objective of the Amazonian Confraternity Festival is to promote the integration of the countries of the Amazon basin through the participation, organization and presentation of different events aimed at promoting the values of the Amazon region through the exchange and confluence of diverse cultural, socioeconomic, sports and recreational activities, conserving, preserving and respecting the traditions, customs of its inhabitants and the environment.

This festival unique in the region, began in 1987 and is held between July 15 and 20 each year. In 2002 it celebrated its 15th anniversary, during which time the department of Amazonas and the municipality of Leticia have played a leading role in the regional celebrations of the participating countries.

There are five days of healthy recreation where art, ethno-culture, traditions, customs, experiences, female beauty, talent, sports and gastronomy are the central spectacle. On the last nights, each country has a day available to show the thousands of spectators the best of its folklore, thus responding to the annual event that ratifies the union of peoples where borders do not count at the time of the show and the joy.

This festival was endorsed with previous compliance of all the biosecurity protocols. In a meeting requested by the Departmental Health Secretary, the Risk Management Committee advances in the construction and improvement of the different contingency plans that each entity summoned will implement during the Amazonian Confraternity Festival , which this year is carried out in accordance with the gradual opening requested by the Presidency of the Republic to the local authorities.

In order to prevent a resurgence of covid-19, it will have a capacity of 80%, as well as a single entrance way in the different scenarios, both cultural in the Orellana and Santander parks, as well as in the sports ones. All the member entities of the Committee request the Amazon community to comply with the biosecurity protocols during the local festivities.

Festival Parade

The festival began with a parade of floats with the 3 candidates representing Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Starting point: GRASOL along Avenida da Amizade, arriving at the border, take Calle 3 to Cra 8, then follow Calle 7 to Av Internacional, to take Calle 8va, and continue along Cra 10 to Calle 17 (Perrada de los Gordos), arrive at the court of the Esperanza neighborhood and continue until you reach Cra 5, turn onto Parra & Zambrano to take Av Internacional to Batuta, follow Calle 10 and turn onto Cra 9 to Concha Acústica. Internacional to Batuta, continue on Calle 10 and turn onto Cra 9 to Calle 8va towards the Concha Acústica.

Indigenous Night at the Festival of Amazonian Confraternity 2021

For the first time, the Festival of Confraternity begins with the Indigenous Night honoring our roots of the Triple Frontier.

The Mayor of Leticia, Jorge Mendoza Muñoz opens the first night where the indigenous component takes the stage. «This first night, we commemorate all the indigenous peoples, the four Indigenous Nations of the Amazon First, Maguta, Murui, Muina, Fenemuina, we also commemorate the memory of all the original peoples of Brazil and Peru, we are multicultural, our identity is Amazonian and therefore today we will have the honor to witness the tradition of our peoples, of our origins», Jorge Luis Mendoza Muñoz, Mayor of Leticia.




Nautical Parade at the 2021 Fellowship Festival

HOLY MASS AND NAUTICAL PARADE! On the occasion of the commemoration of the Day of the Virgin of Carmen, the National Navy carried out a nautical procession articulated to the greeting and presentation of our three beautiful representatives of Brazil, Colombia and Peru in the three ports. Every July 16, within the framework of the Festival of the Amazonian Confraternity, this activity is carried out in homage to the protector and guide in the terrestrial, fluvial and maritime ways.

Brazilian Night at the Festival of Confraternity 2021

That night we witnessed all the strength of the warrior tribes of Brazil, the multiculturalism in each artistic expression and the magnificent presentation of the representative, Juliana Anaia de Oliveira Miss Tabatinga 2021. We had a cultural and beauty waste.

«The Festival of Confraternity is not only of Colombia, Brazil or Peru, but of the peoples and nationalities that live in the triple border» Plinio Cruz, Interim Mayor of Tabatinga.



Colombian Night at the Festival de La Confraternidad 2021

On the third night of the XXXIII Festival of the Amazonian Confraternity, We gather for Colombia, a night that promises to be full of folklore, music, gastronomic delights and the cultural show of our representative Irene Silva.

The opening of the night of Colombia was with the mayor of the city of Leticia Jorge Luis Mendoza.

Presentation of the Grupo Místico del Fuerte Amazonas No. 2 of the National Army, who in these difficult times of pandemic have been on the side of our entire Amazonian community.





Peru’s night at the 2021 Amazonian Confraternity festival

The Peruvian culture and tradition present in the festival of the Amazonian Confraternity 2021, with a message of preservation of our fauna and flora Kiara overflows its beauty in this presentation.

The myths and legends of the Amazon jungle for years tell our history and will narrate for centuries the customs and traditions. That Peruvian night we have been in the company of great talents and voices of the Peruvian Amazon, ReflejosAmazonicos a song to life and brotherhood.

Kiara Chahud was the candidate representing Peru at the Amazonian Confraternity Festival.



International Night at the Amazonian Confraternity Festival 2021

This Confraternity had two essential moments, the indigenous night and the youth evening, in the first one we ratified our origins and in the second moment we made clear that the future is in our youth.

With a warm message each one of the leaders of the three neighboring towns started this festivity, today, we will have the honor of witnessing who will be our new sovereign.

On this night the candidates paraded in swimsuit, fantasy and ball gown.




Amazonian Confraternity 2021 Festival Reign

In this edition we had a waste of beauty by the 3 countries and the first indigenous candidate in the festival of the Amazonian Confraternity.

  • Irene Silva representative for Colombia to the Amazonian Confraternity Festival.
  • Kiara Chahud, representative for Peru to the Amazonian Confraternity Festival.
  • Juliana de Oliveira, representative for Brazil to the Amazonian Confraternity Festival.

In this edition of the festival, the Queen was Juliana de Oliveira, representative of Brazil to the reign of the Festival of the Amazonian Confraternity. Vice-queen Kiara Chahud, representative of Peru and Princess Irene Silva, representative of Colombia.

Juliana de Oliveira, reina del certamen de belleza del festival Confraternidad Amazónica 2021