5 things to do while you are visiting Leticia Amazonas

Visiting Leticia Amazonas is not easy, the only connection is a 2 hour flight from Bogota (2 Hour Flight) or a 20 days boat sail from Puerto Asis. Leticia, is one of the most expensive city in Colombia but the safest. These are five things you cannot miss while taking a vacation in our city.

1. Sightseeing the parakeet’s arrival at Parque Santander

For more than 30 years, nearly 3,000 parakeet’s arrive to the their home Santander Park’s Sombrero tree. It’s the only place in the world to occur this and an unique experience. My recommendation is to come at 5:00 PM to the park and enjoy the show.

2. Visit Leticia’s local market

If you want to know more about Leticia, visit the local market and experience an unique feeling about Leticia Amazonas gastronomy. Here you can learn about the vegestables, fruits and hundreds of different species of fishes you could find in the Amazon River.  My recommendation is to eat Empanadas with Aguapanela at “Donde la profe” (right in the entrance of Leticia’s Local Market).

3. Try our delicious local dishes

Leticia is located on a triple frontier region (Peru – Colombia – Brasil). You can delight with the best gastronomy from the three countries and the most exotic dishes. My recommendations is to try at the restaurant Brisas del Amazonas in Santa Rosa Peru the world famous “Chicharron de Pirarucu”.

4. Visit local native communities

Share ancestral knowledge with local native communities near Leticia Amazonas. By the kilometres , you can find more than 3 native communities from different Amazonian ethnics. My recommendations is to visit Bora native maloca (native gathering centre) in the 7 KM .

5. Visit Ethnographic Museum of the Amazonian Man

This is one of my favorite Leticia’s attraction. There is a museum at the Banco La Republica Library where they will show you and explain how native from all over Amazonas live in the past with real artifacts. My recommendation is after you visit the museum, watch the Amazonas discovery video.

If you are stuck and need any help going around Leticia Amazonas, you can contact me at amazonasdeturismo@gmail.com